HUD Vendor Call notes for Nov 2017

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HMIS Vendor Call 11/2/2017
HUD Updates – none
2017 AHAR:

Final submission deadline is 12/1/17.
Confirmation deadline is 12/5/17.
New AHAR final specs are expected January – February 2018.
2018 HIC/PIT:
Submission deadline TBD.
RHY Upload:
RHY Repository is open 11/1 – 11/22/17.
Most vendors did do upload tests.
Digital Gnomes clients did do upload tests and we didn’t have any errors.
SSVF Upload:
CSV v6.11
VA Repository is open until 11/9.
Reporting period is 10/1/17 – 10/31/17 (or the date the export is being run).
Reporting Specifications:
•    System Performance Measures – specs have been updated and will be available soon. Will be due in HMIS TBD
    •    PATH Annual Report – retired ‘receiving services’ on special needs still needs to pull through 9/30/17.

​ ​

Q16 has revised change to logic, an And should be an Or. Will be posted to HUB.

    •    Client-level System Use & Length of Time Homeless – Not a required report, but can be useful. Specs are under review with HUD. No expected in HMIS date.

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