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I did a thing some years back.
It didn’t go well.

I’m a software nerd ..like C/C++ AF nerd. My marketing move is like:
When Jay makes a marketing move, everybody else gets a hard move on him. GM gets two.

Anyways, This D&D Beyond is wicked nice. I’d like to have it for the non-D&D games I’m running.  But would I want the One tool to run them all? Or specialized tools, like a Coriolis Beyond, BitD Beyond and a Fate Beyond.

We’ve seen the One Tool in a couple of flavors.
The simple, rules agnostic hammer. Tavern Keeper is a good example. Just presentation of properties and values (or key-value pairs). Text blocks, images, dice rollers come standard.
Then there’s the Lemarchand’s box version of the One Tool. There are templates or a scripting language users can engage to implement their game of choice in the tool. Roll20 has interactive sheets for Coriolis, Burning Wheel, etc. Also, a very generic sheet which behaves like the hammer tool. For the Lament Configuration, there’s Hero Lab and Army Builder.

This is not a slam on those tools. YMMV. I’d like something between the simple hammer tool and Lemarchand’s box. I don’t need the tactical interactive maps with fog of war and night-vision filters, but image support is useful. 😛

So consider RPGSheets the possible replacement for RPGNotes. We’re playing around with a React client and a Rails server. There’s promise there.

We’ll see.

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