Me, ToDoist

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The ToDoist app asked me to say a few words and I’m happy to do so.
I’m a GTD dude. I like the process, it’s clean, honest. Low impact and I know where my stuff is as long as I’m on paper.

Yet I spend the time to search for that elusive List Manager software. Evernote, RTM, WunderList, Todo.txt, Astrid…you know the suspects.

I need just two things:
1. Low handling-time.
2. It’s everywhere I am. Android phone/tablet, Mac Book, the browser at a client site.

And I need to trust that software isn’t gonna belly up and my data is gone. That’s real. So I want to be able to export my stuff in a usable format.

I thought I was gonna have to write my own software solution, something wrapped around Todo.txt. But I found, again, ToDoist. Been using it almost a month and it’s meets my top 2 reqs. I can also export my stuff for peace of mind.

I still use Evernote to hold reference & project stuff, I like it. Not as a list manager, too much handling time for me.


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